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Max Borders

Social Evolution
Author / Executive Director
Austin, Texas

We are witnessing the birth of a new doctrine, perhaps a secular religion: Decentralism.

As such, we must incorporate the commitment to mission, morality, and meaning. In other words, when we focus too much on money and markets, we have only part of the picture. So as Decentralists, we must adopt a more complete life philosophy and then practice living it every day. If we do not, we will be victims of those who worship power.

I am the author of three books on decentralization and want to talk to anyone willing to work with me to propagate the Decentralist doctrine before the world is consumed by Centralism: the Church of Politics. We have the tools, the will, and the life philosophy to bring more people into solidarity around our ideas. I am but a lowly scribe. I seek to work with those who can collaborate to create and expand a new generation of Decentralists.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, February 19

11:40am MST