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John Wolpert

ConsenSys Mesh
Group Executive, Baseline Protocol, TreeTrunk
San Francisco Bay Area
Work on the Baseline Protocol, an industry draft standard of the OASIS standards body and the EEA Community Projects org. Baselining is about coordinating multiparty workflows under zero knowledge: two or more parties need to prove they have the same information (usually in traditional databases) and prove attributes of that information to others, without revealing the actual data.  This problem of needing to coordinate but having real issues about sharing the data needed to coordinate is everywhere today.  While working on this, Dr. Andreas Freund and I got to thinking how we might apply the pattern to the problem of NFTs, and out came treetrunk.io, which we will be launching, exclusively on Polygon, as an NFT minting service and marketplace at Eth Denver. This should be the first case of an on-chain multi-party royalty distribution NFT smart contract, live and in-production.